Allahabaad Ration Card How to Add New Family Member Name

Allahabaad Ration Card – We have received so many queries from our readers they want to know is it possible to add new member in ration card online? Or How can you add member name in ration card and what is the process for adding member name in ration card etc.

We all know how important ration card is and what is the use of it so its worthless to tell you the importance of ration card so without taking any more time I will discuss about how and when you can add new member name in Allahabaad ration card.

The most common reason of adding new member name in ration card are

  1. In case of childbirth
  2. In case of marriage
  3. In case of adoption

Documents required to add new member name in Allahabaad ration card



In case of child birth

If a new baby born in your house and you want to add the name then you have to provide the birth certificate of child with his/her name on it.

In case of marriage

If you are newly married or want to add your wife name in ration card then you can do it for this you have to provide Marriage Card or Marriage Certificate with cardholders name mentioned on it or alternatively you can provide the bank account passbook.

In case of adoption

Well it happen in very rare case however if you have adopted a child then you have to provide adoption documents which should be dully attested and verified by the concerned authority.

These are 3 different cases which documents you have to provide instead of this you have to submit

Electricity Bill, Bank Passbook, Voter ID Card, Driving License etc to add new member in ration card now below are the steps to add new member name so just follow as said below and ask your query at the bottom in comment box section if you have any.

Online Method to Add New Member Name in Allahabaad Ration Card

Unfortunately the Uttar Pradesh Government is not providing any online facility to add child, wife or adopted child name in ration card online. So don’t be disappointed you can still add new member name in ration card for this you have to follow the offline method.

Allahabaad Ration Card Add New Member Name via Offline Mode

Step 1: Visit the nearest rationing shop or CSC center

Step 2: Place the request with the staff and request ask for the form for the addition of names to the ration card

Step 3: Once the staff provides the form, fill up the form carefully

Step 4: On the form, you will be requested to mention the reason for addition of the name. Mention the reason for addition carefully and also attach the copy of the proof document with the form

Step 5: Submit the form with the proof documents attached and collect the acknowledgment slip with reference ID for future use.

This reference ID can be used for tracking the status of the application.

PS: do not throw away the acknowledgment slip, without submitting or producing the slip the ration card will not be handed over to you.


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